Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



My name is David Stodghill, I am a registered SVP that just maxed 8 years in prison.

Muniz is in my county of Cumberland, and, so far, the PSP here could care less what the ruling was. I just was at the station and was informed “We don’t do anything until the legislature makes a new law”. I told them about Muniz and the administrator (on Elmerton Ave) said “Yea, we don’t worry about that”

Just FYI, nothing in PA has changed.
Megan’s Law III was killed by Derhammer decision. Megan’s Law II was killed by Neiman. Megan’s I by Williams.
Right now, there is legally NO registration for any sex offender whose conviction was prior to December 20, 2012, but, try telling that to the PSP and you’ll be arrested…