Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


In response to “Dr.”:
I have contacted local Michigan media outlets as well as National ones.

The response I get is simplistic, that although in Michigan the SORA facts and data effect a significant portion of our State’s population (registrants, their family and friends), this topic as relevant as it is even in the news outlets’ opinion is UNPOPULAR and despised. It is a point of contention supported as not newsworthy by media owners and a powerful and vocal small portion of our population, and the rights of SORA effected persons are deemed not newsworthy — unless news items are to harm us by untrue facts and Unconstitutional laws. Further, I was informed that our Governor, Attorney General, and State Legislature do not support such news items as they all fear public ridicule for supporting Constitutional laws such as Does -v- Snider and any legislation which is seen as fewer protections for non-SORA registrants.

I was repeatedly informed our rights are unimportant and unpopular in news stories, and that if an article were to appear it would be terse and buried in the print media. Also, I was told that as news media outlets were privately owned and for-profit that such articles would hurt the media’s bottom line.

I was informed that to have articles written and published in prominent places in print, that we need a substantial organization to have support from registrants, their family members, and friends — to lobby our small-town and state media to publish our concerns and right violations siting recognized authorities in support of the facts. That my doing so was not sufficient to qualify.

So, who or what organization do we hire, how do we? There seems to be no such place in existence. We MUST become organized as a group to be heard.