Reply To: A victory in Michigan


This is great for him. He was lucky enough to get HYTA status, my lawyer at the time in Michigan hadn’t told me until I had already accepted a no contest plea the day before my sentencing that I qualified.

Since then I had moved to NY and then out of the country and am now stuck on the NY registry even though I’m no longer within US jurisdiction or on a registry anywhere else. The list my out of country address and ask me to notify them if anything changes, including my email, phone number, address, etc that anyone living in the state would have to do as well as send them an updated picture every three years.

Hopefully someone will challenge this and overturn Doe v O’Donnell to match the decision of Roe who was removed due to his case originating out of state and him no longer living in a state that required him to register.

I’m still waiting for what NY will say in my case but it’s been months without a reply already.