Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


r shrawder
The psp is moving very slow, my guess is feet dragging or making sure the wrong person doesn’t get let go, I’ve been watching the roster slowly drop and go back up like gas prices, Monday is the Is the AG’s deadline to give orders to the psp I believe, The ML site may go black in order to not publicly shame people to avoid more lawsuits until they remove people, if your due relief then I believe that the psp will give relief but they will take their sweet time doing so, I may need to retain a lawyer due to my case being out of state but I have all of my court documents from my case, I was never ordered to register, I moved to pa in 1998 , in 02,Pennsylvania state Police forced me to register for 10 years, then 12/20/2012 we were all upgraded to 15-25-life, I went to teir 2 from 1, I am hoping I won’t need a lawyer because Pennsylvania was the ones who made me register not the state in which I came from, that states registery is one that is also being challenged, and they will win their challenge I believe, I am not a lawyer this is just somethings I have learned on this site and doing other research.