Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


r shrawder Are you talking about the sex offender assessment board? They are not part of registration the are charged with gathering info on you before you are sentenced and give a report to the court to determine if someone is a SVP The way they do that has been put on hold by the Supreme court people like Aaron Marcus from the Phill Def Association are saying the new language to reinstate the SVP determination and reg will still not pass muster. I do not see how they would have any bering on you being kept on the reg now, the PSP on the other hand has a serious but hurt going on and they are going to have to eat their sour grapes and crow sandwich eventually I agree we need to team up on this if we can. The main benefit would be to show that we have the power to combine our forces now. I think now that we have PSRSOL in the works it will help this come to a head. We need to have a PA meeting soon and set up a board and plan of action.