Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Snoopy

5 February 2018 in my case is the 30 day dead line for the PAG lawyer to present her opposing brief to my brief. She called me on the phone and asked me if she can have until 15 February 2018 . She wants to talk with the PSP to make sure I was ten years and not life time from Texas. I was Ten years. The Sorna put me at tier 3 life time.

I agreed to not oppose her taking time to get it right. She seems to think that I will take a deal and not go tp court – Muniz should get me off automatically, but I need the judicial determination to so I can have a court order. Even with Muniz automatic removal I want my day in court to be a judge to order me off. Now and not wait no 18 months. a Mandamus is a writ of action without delays.

so I will give the PAG time – she did not fight me too hard when I made a mistake in not following R.A.P. Rule 1514(c) She did not oppose me delaying. So I am returning the jester.

on 16 Feb 2018 I will file expedition summary relief motion – under R.A.P. rule 1532(b) without any extension or delays.

About HB1952 the senior Senate Judiciary Leader who wrote the first Megan’s Law said He don’t like HB 1952 at all and He would not vote for a creature like that bill.

He wants a hearing to ask the PSP who are they going to release under Muniz decision of the Pasc.

the governor’s wants Muniz decision of the PASC to be followed by the law. They are not happy about HB 1952. Looks like that bill will die in the Senate soon for lack of senate support. A hearing will be held soon to get the details sets – and a floor vote will be called for in the Senate up or down vote. I don’t know the date but it will happen fast.

HB 1952 is a bill that is a re-write of ML 2 with out the punitive stuff. thinking that will make it pass PASC constitutional muster. But it won’t. PASC gave MUNIZ and that is the Law. HB 1952 is a MUNIZ fit to stop the removal of most per-SORNA people. only low level people that will be done. HB 1952 is a law that holds Pre-SORNA people with time yet to do Non SVP Lifers and SVP lifers staying on the list to do tier bid under HB 1952.