Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


r shrawder

Just to chime in , I have been following the posts and I too am on the Pa. registry .. I have been waiting patiently for the PSP to do there job and take me off the registry … I shoulda been off 18 mnths ago ,, I wrote letters made calls to Harrisburg just to get treated and totally disrespected by these Nazis in power on the sorna board in Harrisburg … Im done been nice ,, sorry chuck but these jerks on sorna board don’t give a rats butt about anyones reputation and/ or civil rights !!!! It take them less than a week to post new registrants but then tell me they will deal with my case when they are good and ready !!! The sorna commission people ARE NOT NICE GOD FEARING PEOPLE TRYING TO DO THERE JOBS !!! They are nothing but evil doers of the powers that be …Im seeing a attorney Monday and filing once again declaratory judgment or mandamus which ever he thinks will get the job done … Theres gotta be something that can be done when the PSP violates the law of the land (perhaps civil law suit for monitary damages) …. Our CIVIL RIGHTS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO VIOLATION DUE TO THE INCOMPETENCE OF THE SORNA COMMISSION OF PA…Each day that someone is on the registry unjustly is a violation of the laws of Pennslyvania … The law enforcers are now our LAWBREAKERS