Reply To: Courage: Yes, sex offender registrants have it too


You know I’ve been thinking about this article that Sandy presented to us and this guy stepped in to help a neighbor out in a desperate situation. Yes these situations do come up in various ways and one has to have “courage” to stand up for others. Seems courts don’t see it that way, its like everybody is on their own. Even my court appointed lawyer didn’t know what to do in many cases. The investigator. in my case, was just as fickled. I wish you would of seem the look on his face when I told him … you don’t even know my intent. When it was all said and done he said if you hadn’t of came down we were going to come and get you.
Yes public safety is one thing and so is internet safety but going against Gods’ law makes those in blue just all the more guilty but one has to remember good things come to those who wait. Woo to those that put a stumbling block upon another. Their are all different ways one could look at this but the correct way is the correct way. Hey we all have to have courage to fight our own battles and yes it always helps to understand bible principals also and be strong. Its these weak moments that one should overcome.