Reply To: Opinion: Virginia lawmakers unfairly target registered citizens


While I’m happy to see this ethinical challenge that Nancy has brought to our attention as I am impressed. Yes these laws are oppressing to those that got caught up in a lot of this sex drama if you would like to call it. Some call it a witch hunt which might be adequate but still it depresses all. Seems like these sex laws in VA are like one changing their socks they change all the time when one person wants to make something agreeable or disagreeable. Is all this human nature or are they playing with the rights of we the people in a lot of this ordeal. Coming to common ground is still a legal right whether one does something physical or is challenged by all this “computer age” mind game that stigmatize those.
I wonder who’s the victim and who’s the culprit, or is human law overshaddowing in these types of sexual situations..