Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Injustice Project thank you for that post and to the mods for allowing it. I have to ask however, do you honestly think that employers “typically” say that they are not hiring you for a criminal conviction? Specially when they would legally have to spnd time and resources to issue documentation detailing such decision. Come on! That does not “typically” happen if at all. Employers are slick, you know, as most business people are in my opinion. Gain (whether personal or otherwise) is what drives them. They find ways to circumbent the law. And the better ones buy or pay the law. See how that works? That is fact!
I could begin to tell you the number of times I have been interviewed in the past 9 years to get employment to be told that “there is someone more qualified than me” or “we are not ready to proceed with your application” or “we feel that your skills does not meet our criteria”…and soooo many variations of the same answers. Only once did I actually have an prospect employer (an agency type) tell me after they had told to show up to work at X location at X time on that very day I interviewed, call me back in their office to question me about my Megan’s Law internet appeareance. I do not even think they did a so called “proper” background check. I think they just googled me! But I h-a-v-e no Proof!!! They told me their client had strict policies on hiring people “like me” (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean) and send me on my way. By the way, they spoke to me in the waiting area while ther was other people present. Oh, and I never received no letter stating that that was the reason for not hiring me even after I was already given a time and place to show up to work. they are still in business! I am still a mess financially, mentally and physically due to unable to medically take care of myself. State insurance helps a bit. Oh and over a year later after that experience, I found out from article I came accross about how employment agencies where bieng sued for improper backgrounds checks on applicants. I contacted several lawyers to end up being told that the statue of limitations to sue them had expired. They knew of course about my registered status. I will forever wonder if I was a “regular” human or on a registry but with lots of money if their answer would have been the same! Nevertheless, I did not change the outcome and it certainly screwed up my future further by further putting me in debt though I was willing to work for my bread, water and butter.