Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



You know in a way I hope everything works out for those people of Pennsylvania and I hope we all get justice. Its very ironic that all this is happening in Pennsylvania. One has to remember the Declaration of “Independence” or is that just a weathered piece of paper today or does it still have meaning?
I would guess We the People don’t have freedom of Religion anymore, unless its with a chaperone. I guess we the people don’t have the right to redress of grievance. I guess we are not all borne equal and we don’t have free speech.
Maybe we should all go back to American History Class and brush up on this science or basic instinct. Its getting so this country is man against man or is it war between the states again with a little sex duping mixed in for good measure.

My hope is for all to get off this registry. For each trail one goes thru one should learn something … even government that wants to enslave others with this hanging down on one’s shoulder. Oppressing laws are not to good. Are we not we the People.