Reply To: Too young for sex, but old enough to murder


Good article Sandy but not really my style of article but it is challenging. I still wonder if man can justify man. Reading some of these comment on here makes me think of playing blind man’s bluff as in these computer sting operation things.
First of all they were both caught, with their pants down, I don’t know. The article said they both consented and they had their own “free will” to do all this … rock’in down the highway’ stuff. Should they both be punished, depends what you call punishment. Should they both be reprimanded ? Yes. Should their conscious bother them yes.

Hey I’ve did a lot of things myself, ok I’m a senior citizen but that doesn’t have anything to do with it. They were raping and killing in biblical times but here’s the thing, you can go with the , you reap what you sow mentality or you can just try to understand this sexual situation we all face today in the Good ole United states of America.

So actually who’s right and who’s wrong? In a way Jonny’s right. Sure some of you others are right also but I’m sure this was a physical thing that they were caught in. Sort of reminds me of “Happy Days” when that police were shining a flashlight to those at the Driving Movie making out on the opening of the show.

Doesn’t matter what age we one can still get into trouble, sex, staling a car, rape, or whatever. In todays’ world it seems sex is the big issue and these internet sex con’s are even a bigger one.