Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@Brian & Terry

That’s a GREAT point…. Every day I check the website to see if I am on there… Unfortunately, I still am. I can appreciate arguments from both sides saying that I should be taken off completely, and that I should be returned to 10 years 1 x reporting with less restrictions (internet identifiers), which would mean I am removed in 2021… If they make the site black, I’m waiting on a snail mailed letter to tell me when I get removed, if I am to get removed at all… and while I am no longer publicly shamed, it also removes any incentive for the PSP to move faster. I believe in the SCOTUS MUNIZ DENIAL thread on this site it talked about a net removal of 35 people from the list each day… that’s almost 9 and a half months for 10,000 people (assuming they work week-ends and holidays, which we KNOW isn’t happening). Do they HAVE any legal liability for dragging their feet?

Also, Terry, I’ve been meaning to ask… Is Feb. 5th THE day for you? Are they able to legally ask for an extension, or is that judgement day? I wasn’t sure but was curious because if they are able to extend your case until you are removed will the judge just toss the suit saying hey you’re off? Or will they continue saying yeah you’re off, but you should be protected against HB 1952 or other laws… will they even touch on HB 1952 if it isn’t passed yet? Good luck to you, and know that you are in mine and my family’s thoughts and prayers every night.