Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

HB 1952 will is loosing the knee jerk result that it had in the Pa House to cause a 188-0 vote on fear

The pa senate is not moved by hype and fear of letting OS’s loose on the public.

The Senate wants to invite the PSP to come to them and at the hearing say who will be let off the registry .

This is the real deal coming to a head.

I sense that HB 1952 will die in the Pa. senate for lack of one to push the bill forward to become law.

Without support for the Bill it will die. . . . . . .

HB 1952 does not spell out clear how the public safety is at danger by release of people who’s rights have been violated. . . . . . Pre- SORNA people

PSP will come and testify to the Pa. Senate that they will follow Muniz fully until the law changes. They will review all pre-SORNA people that the PASC said in the MUNIZ decision to review.

Where they are classified is where PSP will put them – Many will be put off the registry and the numbers will be high – about 10,000. all in that number are not SVP people that are people that are not or never should have been on Megan’s law in the first place.

I thing the PSP is thinking about making the web site go black for a few weeks to keep people like me from issuing suit for still being on there after feb 5, 2018 when Muniz decision says that I should be off. Check the PSP web site on 6 Feb 2018. They are talking about making it go black until they get together all the people that should be on it.