Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

5 Feb 2018 is the show down date that the PSP is waiting for. On 24 Jan 218 the PAG issued clear order to the PSP to data up all the pre-SORNA people and get ready for removal. The remand court order enforcement date is 5 Feb 2018. After that date the PSP can be suit big time for not starting the removal of people.

They may not do you for say but there must be removal of people – the Law of Muniz decision will be in full effect.

The PSP is in a slow their roll mode – in waits of the vote on HB 1952.

The PSP has right to force people to get what I been saying a Judicial determination from a {Pa. court on being removed off the registry case by case}

I told Chuck and Brian this from the start. . . HB 1952 will not effect Brian he will be off automatically – But me and Chuck HB 1952 is an unfair law because it will be applied retroactively in an unfair way. How? Because it reverts people back to a previous Megan’s Law standard like ML 2 or 3 by pushing ML-5 (HB 1952)


The old ML laws were EXPIRED by SORNA. An expired ML cannot force revert back. You need new law hence HB 1952 – But it will be put out there in an unfair way. I say now sit and what.

I told you that the PA Senate is not like the Pa. House . The Senate will have a hearing and find out what the real deal is going to be. . . Before a Bill become law.

The Govern’s office don’t want to see HB 1952 because it causes a Pa. government split. Under Muniz low risk is ok – but all others stay on the list. . . . . Even if if violates PASC order on Muniz

HB 1952 is a muniz hater bill that allows some to make it and not how it was voted by the PASC for all to make it off the registry.