Reply To: Recidivism: the great lie of “frightening and high”


A few of questions for Mr. Logue: 1) Why do you think proponents of sex offender (SO) laws, e.g., Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, keep spouting this “Frightening and High” recidivism LIE despite more than 20 years of empirical evidence showing the opposite? Study after study after study by some of the most respected research scientist in the country, e.g., professor Mark Ellman, professor Jill Levenson, and others have proved this contention to be a LIE; however, proponents of SO laws seem to just overlook these studies. And 2) Do proponents of SO laws have their own studies made by other respected research scientist that dispute those studies that conclude no high recidivism rate? 3) If so, can you point me to those studies? I am real interested to see for myself the proof proponents have that supports their position. Thank you very much.