Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Couple of points. Employers may ask for information regarding prior sex offenses since they have work that goes on tho school grounds. If they do they need the employee to get a sex abuse clearance certificate. Without it the employee is barred from working st the school. All citizens convicted of a sex crime involving minors or institutional sex crimes are not permitted to work at schools. The Employer is doing their due diligence.
I noticed that Tier 3 —lifetime offenders— has dropped in the State of PA. The only way to get off the lifetime list is to die move out of PA or have the State remove you. This appears that the State is taking eligible people off.
Finally if you get off the list don’t forget the ones still on. These laws are unfair to most on the registry. We need to continue to offer our support to reform theses laws. We can’t just think of ourselves we need to work for true reform for everyone.