Reply To: CREEPER Act would turn law-abiding Americans into sex offenders


Robin I’m ashamed of you posting something like this. And your the person that said on here “and I can’t even go to church”. Sure we all have our ups and downs in this sex offender registry but sometimes its too much pressure to let this go to one’s head.
Facing facts is facing facts. Excuse me ladies but women have always wanted to dominate every since the garden of Edren. Now lets don’t discuss that right now, everybody has their views. Women are no better than men ok…. We are all carnal by nautre if that loosens the pressure a bit. One doesn’t jump on women and than there are morals and things of that nature. What women do is their business just the same as men. Fact that gal could hallow rape on a man anytime and if their a sex offender who are they going to believe?
Is this sex offender registry getting so out of hand that people assume that all women have their joy and folly with artifical stimulation devices. We shouldn’t even go there. We are all men and women and should conduct ourselves respectable. Sure some might have Christian ethics and sure offenses will come. I guess if one even looks at a woman to lust they are considered a sex offender. Lets take care of this registry thing first and formost. As far as myselfI’m thinking really hard to write a letter to the Government to get a redress of grivance to address a lot of this. Sure their are ways to rape in many wsays and raping the mind is no good. I believe we all still have a conscious