Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



it doesn’t matter if they ask or not as when they do a background check it will come up. The reason why employers are banning the box is not that they won’t find out about your history, but they want to give you a chance to impress them before they find out. Where I use to work, if you had a felony, that would automatically disqualify you until they changed the rules. Now they don’t care if you have a felony as long as it is at least 5 years old. Under 5, it depends on what it was for and if they like you.
I personally agree with banning the box. The reason being there is a lot more to someone than there convictions. When I was an mgr. I would hire felons as long as they could show me they want to change their life. You show up for the interview two minutes early, and you didn’t take the time to trim/shave your facial hair, and you look like you slept in your clothes, then I am sorry but I am moving to the next guy. Show me you care, and I would give you a chance.
I applied at one place and they made me go through 3 interviews just to tell me at the end, “Man it is wasn’t for your felony, I would love to hire you”. A week later they called me up wanting to hire me. I told them I needed an extra $1,000.00/month for your mgr being rude. They gave it to me. I quit that job to focus on school.