Reply To: CREEPER Act would turn law-abiding Americans into sex offenders


Presumably the definition of ‘realistic child sex doll or robot’ involves anything that looks under 18, as with general laws on child porn. This wont just affect ‘paedophiles’ hoping to buy ‘child sex dolls’, it will mean the manufacturers of these dolls (and soon sex robots), at least in the USA, will go out of their way to avoid falling foul of the law. In other words, expect American sex dolls and robots to look around 30 with massive breasts.

Also, a note on UK terminology on ‘child abuse images’. All ‘child porn’, which can include a 25 year old posing sexually dressed up in a school uniform, has to be referred to as ‘child abuse images’ under British guidelines. So when 85% of ‘child sex doll’s have been found to have images of children being abused, remember that a young looking sex doll is a ‘child abuse image’ according to the crazies who makes these laws.