Reply To: NARSOL’s Vander Wall selected as JLUSA Fellow


Robin, here is something you may be able to use in your speaking engagements’ We could say,. Justice is the establishment or determination of rights according to the rules of law or equity. Now if our county is founded on the principals of God does it seem man’s law is over riding God’s law and commandments a bit. Has the nation turned judgment into wormwood and taken righteousness off the face of the earth or American Government? While two wrongs don’t make a right and man’s justice seems to be the law of the land. What would one say about a deceptive law to deceive one in the name of justice? Robin it would seem that one caught up in all this is fighting two battles but your a trooper as is all of NARSOL
Isn’t Gods law greater than rulers or kings law or governments law? I am very skeptic about these internet sex sting laws were one baits, uses lie’s, and deceives, all in the name of justice. They seem to assume that one is a threat to society as a whole. Does not God say try the spirits or test the spirits? Sure giving a deceptive ruse or opportunity for someone to fall seems out of character. Are those in authority not suppose to be ministers for good, so why do they con with this enticing endeavor? Proving is one thing and catching one up in these types of ordeals is another, I am sure nobody likes to get caught with their pants down. As one detective said to me, its all part of the game. You tell me, are a lot of these ordeals are fictitious by nature. Basically they are conning those victims or duping those victims into this ordeal and using a pressure tactic that is devilish by nature.
Now the question. Who’s in authority? You see there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist are established by God, God is the Supreme Authority. Now how does this balance the scales of Justice in the face of evil government? or how much evil hasn’t been done by evil authorities already, are they twisting the true principals of God. Good luck with your program.