Reply To: Minnesota sex offenders challenge residency restrictions


I am trying to prepare all the caselaw I can find to sue the BCA,and state for the unconstitutional state law 243.166. you don’t even need to be convicted to be required to register. I have 14 case laws where the people were aquitted of the crime ,but still have to register. the BCA sends out and annual “verification form”, that is required by law,BUT they also send other forms,and request too much information, Just because they can. those other forms,ARE NOT in the statute,but when I tried to get them not into evidence, the court said it’s in the law”. which is contrary to the separation of power clause. the legislature can’t tell the judges what evidence is. if all of us get together,and can make a class action lawsuit, we might have a chance! I can’t find a lawyer that will touch this( small town politics) they don’t want to be labeled as fighting for the rights of registrants