Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I contacted the Megan’s Law office today and was told that they have an “initial list” of people “obviously effected” who they are already removing, but that they will have further lists coming. She was able to confirm for me that my name was not on the initial list, despite my case being very cut and dry. When you call the office the automated response before you talk to a person says that if you are protesting your registration requirement that you should do so in writing and send it to the office. So once I hung up I wrote the following letter and mailed it this afternoon.

To whom it may concern,

My name is Adam —–, and I would like to formally contest my requirement to register as a sexual offender on the grounds of the Commonwealth vs Muniz decision, and request that I be removed from the registry as soon as possible.

I was convicted in November of 2011 and my sentence did not require me to register under Megan’s Law. I plead no contest to two counts of M2 indecent assault (18-3126-A1) and one count of M2 indecent assault (18-3126-A8.) At the time of my conviction neither of these charges carried a registration requirement. As a result, my requirement to register from the enactment of SORNA on 12/20/2012 to the present time is a violation of the Ex Post Facto clause of the constitution’s of both the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and of the United States of America, as laid out by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in their Commonwealth vs. Muniz decision.

My being illegally forced to register for the last five years has brought tremendous hardship to both me and my family. I have lost many friends and multiple jobs, all of whom would never have found out about my charges had the terms of my sentence been honored, as is my constitutional right.

Please work with expediency to remedy this situation, and allow me to finally begin the process of moving on with my life.

Thank you for your time,

Adam —–