Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I do agree with the old man in the video. The younger guy seemed a bit of in a rush to just get the HB 1952 up and voted on right away. The old guy say he is not going to vote on it unless he gets all who is effected upon this. He wants the non violent offenders to be ok to be taking off the registery. He is just concerned about the really bad sex offenders and do not want them off the registry. I agree. Reason not all violent offenders are bad. He is talking about the really really bad sex offenders that have done really really really unforgivable bad things. The true scary offenders. Think of Hitler if he was also a sex offender. With no remorse or no soul types. Those offenders do deserve the bad treatment of the laws. Im not talking about anyone on here on those bad things. Im talking about satan like evil offenders. So in a week there will be another meeting just like the video. We shall see what is to be seen.