Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

Hope all on here is well – I have not seen or heard any one getting removed yet. I think the PSP has until Feb 5, 2018 then are taking it to the wire. The PAG office did give instruction orders to the PSP 24 Jan. 2018 to start the data base search for all Pre – Sorna people ten years increased to 15 – 25 – Life.

They will do the ones that are done with their time first.

If they get to me under Muniz I am not done. My ten years is done May 2019

But I filed Mandamus in court so it may be faster I would think for me to get off.

My in court battle says that ML-3 expired on the date of SORNA enactment. ML-3 is now a dead law to me. Sorna is also dead to me. So why am I still having to deal with the PSP?

I know it almost been a week since MUNIZ denial on Cert.

22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, today is the 30th That is 8 days. The PSP has been working 8 days with no result of removal of any body. That is not a normal sign.

I still think they are waiting on HB 1952 – the Pa. Senate is sitting on that bill for some reason. It is quiet at the Assembly House in Harrisburg on HB 1952.

When a Bill sit too long it gets lost in the shuffle of new bills hitting the Senate floor.

I hope they are not waiting to attach HB 1952 on to a series of well liked bills just to pass HB 1952.

But I been looking hard for HB 1952 updates I have found none. Any one find anything yet?