Reply To: Courage: Yes, sex offender registrants have it too

Lon Polk

I have been a productive, engaged citizen and a community leader most of my life (in grammar school I was awarded a AAA ring for best leadership in safety; at age 11 I was the Boy Scout camper voted to Order of The Arrow). I and a colleague wrote the Charter application for the Black Owned First Independence National Bank of Detroit. I flew 900 hours as a Super Constellation Pilot-in-Command during my 41/2 year Navy tour. I have sailed more than 40,000 blue water miles as Captain, from one end of the Pacific ocean to the other. Entering my 70’s my second wife’s baby alarm went off,resulting in an adoption. I wound up sexually abusing the child (no penetration). I take responsibility for my actions, so I pled guilty, served jail time and all that. Now, thanks to Megan panic, I serve this add-on, never ending probation, a fate much closer to “Worse than Death” than anything I ever perpetrated. A world leader known for his use of registries is named Vladimir.