Reply To: Courage: Yes, sex offender registrants have it too


This is a good story about loving thy neighbor and helping others.This registry seems to stigmatize everyone that got caught up in this devilish ordeal. So who put a stumbling block in front of you? The registry shouldn’t put a lot of us down. Physical encounters are a lot different than some made up scheme those law enforcments are doing. What I want to know is where are the basic Christian principals that this country was founded on, or least we forget. Sure I think some of the registry should be abolished and change needs to come.
What I would like to know is all those e-mails that one, on the registry, get wanting to engage with some hot sexy spice chat whether its a hot teen that’s not really old enough to be on an adult site, or a coy, or whatever thru the internet, and while I’m sure enforcment know that the person is already on the registry they will use any bait to try and trap one again thru this internet media. Someone should check that out as I’m sure it is ficitious at best.