Reply To: Courage: Yes, sex offender registrants have it too


John smith

I wish people would see this side of our lives. In the many years on the registry I have diffused several situations of violence between other people.
Twice I’ve been asked to stay around at a grocery store because a cashier said she was scared of a certain individuals that had come in and they were alone if I left.
Numerous times ive been asked to stay after hours for bar closings because bartenders wanted peace of mind to walk to their cars.

Some of these people knew about my status. Some didn’t. But I obliged and would help again.

I always found it tongue in cheek when a person is talking to me about some other sex offender. And they spit hate about all sex offenders. But prior to and after our casual conversation they were friendly as could be. Some of the people Ive known beforehand, so I assumed they knew? And on so so many many occasions I get the “sex offenders are bad, but I’ve met you and you’re good. I can’t believe you are one!” conversion.

I could come up with dozens of small-medium good deeds. And a few emergency situations playing a positive role.