Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I as well did the same as you.
I do hope that they will read all of our emails. It is really about our voices to be heard. We all here do matter and still human and have rights. I do want to say this: all of us had done our best to understand what has been going on and all confused with things cause a lot was changing in diffrent ways and directions. It was mainly more of lack of simplicity of our government and laws that made a few changes as time went on. Yes, it is a part of the proccedings and process to handle such a huge lawa or lack of. I even think our law makers got confused as well. Some knew exactly whats going on too. But, the most importantly the outcome of it all is to remain informed and communicate our voices load and clear. I at times do not know anything about anything due to a few changes that been going on. It almost seems kinda like playing Russian roulette at times to understand the outcome of all this especially the time frame to be taking off the B.S registery garbage. We all here do deserve a second chance in life to prove that not all offenders are these big bad monsters from hell. I mean without the sex offenders. The Gov would be busy giving each other bj. And the community would be lacking support from us all cause we are trying much harder to make our communities better and try to have a decent life.