Reply To: SO Registry continues to be roadmap for vigilantes


Ding ding ding, you have hit nail on the head. They don’t care about us. So the question becomes why don’t they care. Because they want to keep themselves out of the light. Let’s think about all the people who have recently been on the news for sexual improprieties. The list is too long to even go through. But if they keep the light off them, and tell how bad those of us who are on the registry are then they think they are better.

Just today was my day to go do my civic duty and face my unconstitutional registry. I drove roughly 60 miles, to arrive at 12:30 to be told I had to come back at 1:30 because they were closed for lunch. I looked at the door and they don’t close til 12:30. I cam back at 1:30 and still had to wait for another 10 minutes for them to decide it was time to work, only to face a very rude deputy taking my information. All this because he apparently feels I don’t deserve the decency you would give an animal. It is all too much to take sometimes.