Reply To: Do sex offender registries reinforce inequality?

Steve Szilvasi

Thank You Mr. Hoppe for this well written piece:
I have been turned down for so many jobs I am over qualified for, Also now about 11- months after out from incarceration experiencing the financial pains of having to pay a $100 Rape crises fund fee, as well as a $25. registration fee( local county), on top of a monthly probation fees. I feel nobody ever talks enough about all these extra payments they make people try to pay on limited incomes, or with no real jobs! I hope here in Ohio, the Re-codification committee maybe gets the ball rolling on me and others to-be able to get off the registry in the near future, I truly pray daily for this. It takes a great mental toll on myself, being punished after already doing time for something, when a person lied to get me into why I did that time, but I will not get into that.

You truly have to humble yourself living on a SORNA registry, I am trying to network work around my community, and am trying to get into a internship( to be honest I have no idea if the do a backgrounds’ check to be a intern?)- to learn the field of Logistics, which will help me by next year, after I complete my Bachelors of Communications degree.