Reply To: Do sex offender registries reinforce inequality?


All ex sex offenders troubles started because bad cases Meagan kanaka and all the rest…..make bad laws ! History shows it is irrational and unjust to base laws off of others (victims) emotions and desires ! Registries were not considered because it violated civil and constitutional laws for defendants ! The law is Highly Corrupt and has ignored the constitution and the idiots in charge are neither professional or qualified due to bias and corruption ranging from greed to imbalance of symitism in favor of radical views such as regression not progressive civil laws and rules, I.e. stTe to state laws not in accord with each other, fake news intensified and solidified the negative features of sex offender crimes and punishments ! Liberal judges and no real accountability to ensuring defendants are not rushed through a system he’ll bent on plea bargains and theatrical court stunts that impeachment a the rights of the accused! And so forth!