Reply To: Too young for sex, but old enough to murder


If we lock a man up for non child support, HOW the Hellllll does this correct his attitude since he must have one? Does this improve society or enhance him as a man does this empower the family or help in any way you can think ? . . ..? Please ! I want the brilliant amazingly worth while answers from all the legal experts and A holes who screw men’s lives and get away with it while police, politicians, judges and attorneys all have the money and of course the silly women are so much bette off ! They showed him, using the law as leverage of course! Let’s keep on supporting the female populace! Are going places now, abortion her right only is MURDER and it was Roe vs Wade a “woman” and guess who loves and promotes most of the homosexual and emasculating policies ! I’m sure you can pin point that one! And I could go on and on…..Sex offender laws came about from whom mainly? ?? Now your on your way to modern day america, yes little a …..that’s what they have made our great nation! Let’s all be proud and celebrate while we are Compliantly obedient 2 class citizens !