Reply To: Too young for sex, but old enough to murder


Chew on this !
You can have a baby while underage, regardless of what happened, and you don’t go to prison! But don’t you have a beer until you are 21 ! Huh! Yes, you can marry with parental consent @ 15 in Alabama, but it’s ok to abort (kill) baby yet the satatistics prove very few rapes and incests are the reasons for KILLLLLING not abort as if you are in air force stopping a mission! And the Fathers have no say or rights, but we want child support if mommy wants baby for herself and we put dads in jail if they don’t pay or want child, so either way men are the bad ones, same with sex, a woman teacher has sex and it’s called romance passion love etc…and if a man lets castrate the perv! Not mentioning… allamony and courts granting favor in devorce to the women! Yet more women work, have degrees and own small businesses for many years now! Than men, but let’s not get into these subjects, we grant privileges to women for many social causes, from breastfeeding, to breast cancer, so if a male has an erection it is shunned and vulgar and if a woman wants to express her sexuality it good acceptable, and we see pampering women with sex therapy and magazines and swim suit models enjoying their sexual roles and we have so much social help for women and on and on! But are we really honest and fair about this bias culture toward men’s sexuality or crime and punishment= victims, IF THE LAW PUNISHES 1 IOTA MORE THAN IT SHOULD, do we the government just throw chump change at the new victim {perpetrator} At what time in history was it ok to allow or conjure up laws that have stupid consequences and are based on idiots that are responsible for inciting the people to riot or hate or fear any class of people regardless of crime or political, religious or any other conceivable thing ! Our leaders in the criminal system have a moral and ethical charge to estable laws that better society as a whole and are ALWAYS to be of sound mind and non prejudice when establishing or implementing laws especially when the possibility of civil and constitutional rights are strained and questionable policies are bestowed upon the defendant! Guilty does not mean without proper judicial process and strong legal debate concerning life and liberty of individuals! What madness has ensued in the Government legal and judicial system ! Who allows policies to be so destructive, so easily to deceive the mind of the people and harsh without regard to personal rights established by the very constitution which these justices supposedly derive their basis for law and order ! SORNA brings chaos and separation in society, and yet more damage must be tallied for the narrowest minds too see ! WOW ! WOW !