Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


Now the Michigan legislature and Attorney General with the Governor are busying themselves investigating MSU as to what rules and laws they may have broken as regards alleged complaints made in re: Nassar.

It seems to me, that these Government “officials” could be better spending their time resolving their own rule, law and Constitutional (U.S. and Michigan) violations as determined by the 6th Cir. Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court in Does-v-Snider. This is clearly the “pot calling the kettle black”!

The investigation by the U.S. government and others will suffice to resolve any wrong-doing by MSU, the Michigan Government and it’s “officials” who operate under mandate of Constitutional Rules of Law should have resolved the stark differences in the now unconstitutional SORA laws and the ruling in Does-v-Snider long ago, YET they busy themselves with repetitive and unnecessary things of no real consequence.

Why does the ACLU and others not sue for immediate Legislation to correct SORA??

Why does the Michigan Attorney General and/or the Governor not appoint a Special Prosecutor or Investigation into their own crimes of not updating SORA to comply with “the law of the land”??