Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Miguel
I am not going to give up. And no I don’t need money to pal – I just need support in encouragement to fight on. The PAG lawyer lady is shady to me. She said if I don’t go before the Judge she could get me off the registry next week. I thought that was a bold statement.

I am going to get off the registry by judicial determination of the Commonwealth appeal court by decision order signed by a judge. If my case is dismissed- I will appeal to the PA. Superior Court of Appeal – then on to the PASC.

I can’t fight HB 1952 yet, but I put it in by brief as a Muniz attack . I filed for Muniz -decision to be my vested right decision. I have a right to Muniz decision to protect me from SORNA – Megan’s Law 3 Which was expired by SORNA and The up coming Megan’s Law 5 which is what HB 1952 will be. It is not starm to have two Megan’s Laws in enforcement at the same time. It will run the PSP crazy and the PAG’s and DA’s and judges too.

I am Pro-se in my fight – that is a law term for I am my own lawyer. I am ready to lay it all on the line to help as many Pre-SORNA people understand clear what their rights are. The PAG lawyer that called me on the phone I should have never talked to her.

She can talk to me through writs and motions and pleadings to the court.

She can call the PSP and do Summary arbitration and make a side deal to get me off but that is the secret behind the door stuff. My case would become a Non-Precedent case that only appies to me – WHAT ABOUT CHUCK AND CAREY, AND BRIANT, AND OTHERS that I preached this stuff to and now give in to save myself?

No I will fight on with renews commitment and clarified vision on getting freedom for all. Muniz never had a chance to talk to yall like I do. He has a lawyer and Muniz don’t understand the position he put all Pre-SORNA people in to get off the PSP registry. God Bless Muniz and his lawyer. I am not a lawyer but I can fight in my own understanding and I have done so. I am still in Court.

We are waiting for the PAG to file a respond to my brief. She called me and said she is not able to fight what I wrote in my brief. She don’t want to go to court – She want to file a continuance asking for arbitration between me and her. I don’t want that. I have a right to a judge decision on my motions and briefs. I put time in them to be heard.
My commonwealth court case is 463 MD 2017 you can look at it on commonwealth court docket page.