Reply To: Does v. Stein hearing set for February 6

Tim Lawver

JD in NC,

We can plainly see the witch hunt continue in the Dr. Larry Nasser case.
150 women touched and\or manipulated females in ways unknown. The fact is they are all alive and well. 150 is a large number and if I know america some smell a payday. You can bet their are free riders!

Mr. Nasser did America and himself a disservice by not demanding trial on all counts. Let each victim have their say in open court. Let the level of his behavior be known. A Doctor’s Job involves touching! An Army doc stuck his finger in my rectum during intake process! That’s not an Assault.

He did not stand a chance! He took no life. The people of MI are going to spend about 35 K a year to house him.. As for his, “Death Warrant” I can find no Statute supporting it. Maybe SHE refers to the case in another neighboring state the Dahlmer case, when he happened to be in the bathroom with an inmate and a mop handle. If I were aNasser’s family I’d update the life insurance post haste!

All this for sake of a database whereby

Needs of a machine outweighs the needs of the humans. Unthinkable.