Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I always say, to each his own, and this is your own my friend, You are comfortable with that then that’s your own, I wouldn’t be, I would want off but we’re all different here and all have different opinions or views on how this all will unfold, I trust in what you and Terry say and know, that’s all I can say, from the first day we met on here you guys helped me to understand everything clearly, I can say the timelines you gave when things were due to change as the PASC and SCOTUS were spot on, rulings and all, anyone wants to question Chuck go to the good news section and read the 2 pa blogs through and through and you will understand what I mean here, it’s a lot to read but you will see Chuck knows what he’s talking about, yea I’m speakin up for my brotha.