Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian thank you
I filed a motion to vested rights against HB 1952. I need my judicial determination I been preaching about.

I I take their deal. I will only be off 90 days and HB 1952 will kick in to put me right back on.

The vested rights prevent PA Legislature from over tuning my rights under MUNIZ decision.

The Munis decision is the law right now. There is a small window open for people like me who would have time left. If I wait the PA Legilature may close the window on me. Same thing is true if I don’t to a judge. I don’t want the PAG deal. They want me to drop the suit on the Money. I Filed under State right and that never had a stay. The PSP and PAG were thinking that Muniz had a stay on state and Federal but is was only federal stay.

I did make a mistake and filed by U.S. Mail instead of Certified Mail, I corrected that.

I will not take the deal. I need to see the Judge. I will not talk by phone no more. The Megan’s Law Section people told me that my file was pulled on 16 January 2018 for removal.

I don’t trust my ears in what they say. . I need it in writing.

Brian I trust your heart and Chuck too. Ya were there when I started. I knew nothing now I am in the big league. I don’t know all the law rules but I know my case well.

I know how to attack HB 1952 also to bring it down. HB 1952 is like a knife cutting Muniz into low risk Ten people done are automatically out the picture. Like you. You Just have a line to wait for PSP to get to your file. May take weeks of months. They don’t know. But you are coming off automatically.

Chuck has time left to do He should be following my lead and filing Mandamus ASAP before Muniz fix cuts him back in. He should be off like me. and not have to wait to 2021 to be off. My off date would have been 2019 may.

My Mandamus gets me off at the judge singing the order of my mandamus. When I get it I will e mail it to you. And you can check the PSP web site and see that I will be off it right away no waiting at all.