Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



I can understand those that want to have this nightmare end for them and their family. That is the ultimate bad thing about the registry. It doesn’t just affect you, but everyone who loves you no matter what. My brother has been threatened just by living with me. My brother and I weren’t really that close before I was arrested l, but now he defends me at every chance he gets. He had a girlfriend that tried to tell him if he didn’t move out, he would be committing a crime becuase he has to kids.
I truly believe PSP does not want the fight that would ensure if they chose to say”oh no guys, you have to stay on”. It goes against the principle of the rule of law, and as a law enforcement agency, that is what they are all about.
However, the General Assemvly is afraid and will do anything to feel safe. We shall see what the next steps will be.