Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I am so tired of their indifferent attitude toward “sex offenders”. It’s funny when SORNA first came into effect, I contacted the ACLU and they told me they were studying the retroactive issue and were looking for a test case to challenge the issue. As you know, in order to appeal you had to have lost at trial. If you take a plea deal, you waive your right to appeal. That is why it is so hard to find a test case. Almost everyone takes plea deal.
To me, the fact that they refuse to shut down the registry to the public shows me they want to embarrass people. I wonder if with 1952 they will make any changes due to SCOTUS. I think they were in a hurry becuase they wanted to pass 1952 before SCOTUS was done.
I believe if any Pre-Sorna person doesn’t receive the relief they want, the law would be on their side to challenge PSP. However, I think the people “in the trenches” at PSP just want to get over this hump and move on. The policy people are all up in arms, but the worker bees just want to move on. I bet they have a lot of people calling becuase they are so stressed and afraid of 1952. The way I look st it for me is like this: they wanted to give me additional 5 years for a total of 15. I wanted to serve my original 10 and be done. So if they refuse to let me off now, and want me to finish my 2 years, I would call that s compromise. 2 years and done, ok!!