Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@Terry Brunson
Question, ok so the AG says she can get you off the reg even if you discontinue your suit, let me make you think here for a second. So the AG gets you off and by that it becomes us changeable ruling, you off, done, no more worries. Note this ruling is only for Terry but no one else, and no one else has come as far as you but you just stopped in your tracks because the AG got you relief right then and there, so by doing so Terry no longer has to challenge 1952 because he’s done now and 1952 will continue in its war path to get everyone else tied up, but if Terry continued his suit that would’ve taken 1952 completely off its tracks and derailed it?
Terry let me tell you, I have mad props for you, I keep seeing all this garbage about 1952 and the general assembly and whatnot, I know what you say makes complete sense but I believe if you give up you fight easy 1952 will stay on it’s path of distraction, I know a believe
Muniz is law but I think this marsico guy throws his weight around and money and forces legislative shit like 1952 to go through even though it’s bold faced unconstitutional and violates amendments and rights of all, I believe if you stop, other people will get fucked by 1952, myself and Cary the only people I know coming off automatically will not, but hey it’s your call, if you want automatic relief then it’s your call, let me tell you if I were in your position, that would be a tough call that’s for sure. Does it make sense or does it not. I’m not even trying to talk you out of it but it seams like the AG got something up her sleeve.