Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Yes, I agree we have known this since July. We are just waiting for everything to be finalized. I am excited to see what the Pa Senate has to say about HB1952 now that the vested interest doctrine appilies.
One thing everything has to remember that getting off the registry does not remove the charge from your history. So Employer will still find out when they do a background check. However, I am exicitied to be removed from the registry to not have to explain myself to every person I have know for 5 minutes. It’s really difficult to date when everyone freaks out becuase “you are on Megan’s Law”.
I have had several people tell me they love chilling with me but would of never guessed that because I am on the registry. I am human just like everyone else.
I understand you are afraid Paul of what could happen if you are not removed right this second. The Gays and Blacks had to go through a lot to get the respect they have today. However, besides Roy Moore, every Judge either dropped their objections to marrying gays or stop marrying everyone once the SCOTUS said that it was legal for gays to marry.
My point is this. It is never fun being mistreated just becuase you are different. Yet, if we let that fact alone make our lives miserable l, then they have won. We cannot let the fact we are on the registry effect our outlook on life.
Also, once of the biggest fallacies in logic is citcuilar reasoning. For example, just becuase the PSP wrote a brief against our position that proved they will refuse to remove people. The people who will be doing the actual removing of names couldn’t care less if we are or are not removed. It’s a job to them. They get paid the same whether we are removed or not.
We cannot let fear of past events dictate our actions. Granted, the worse that could happen to me is I have to sit for another 2 years which I was planning to do anyway.
I just don’t want people to think being removed from the registry is this magic pill that will cure all their problems that they give. If someone wants to file a writ, I think that is wonderful. I am merely pointing out that why go though all that effort for something they will do for you. A few years from now, it won’t mstter you got off a few months early. To me, 8 weeks early isn’t worth the drama. Then again, I do not have an employer who hates me. I am single, but I am not in a hurry to get married again.
There is a reason they say, “Goods things come to those who wait”.