Reply To: PA’s “sexually violent predator” process ruled unconstitutional


This violent and non-violent thing has me a bit puzzled. A person with a potty mouth that gives a sex pulp story over the internet to some teenager, and I’m sure people can tell by the one presenting the opportunity is going to either trick or over trick the other. How is that justice?
Are we not suppose to call that person out. I mean after all they are ministers of God ordained to do Justice. So if one just says sure I’m come right down, without giving a potty mouth story or and than making a statement… on one condition, no sex… he is considered violent or non=violent .Something sounds wrong in Denmark with all this internet sex jargon and it is not American.
Truth, Honor, and Justice is what America is, or should be all about. Yes our foundation is biblical principal but it seems that principle is long gone in todays world.