Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz

Injustice Project

Mr. Brunson, I have not read your brief but most likely they do not want you to file what ever you have. The house bill they have will sure be fought the day it is put into law if it happens. But never drop a brief before its filed. Although, I am not giving you legal advice, I would file the brief then let it play out. But I would never drop or not file a brief just because someone has called you. that brief and other case law builds up a defense to ensure that the legislatures hands are tied. Think of it like a boxing fight, you wouldn’t stop swinging just because your opponent may drop, NO, you keep swinging to ensure he goes down and you win.

If you are removed from the list before a new law takes affect and attempts to loop you back in, you would have a whole other fight and angle to argue. So I would recommend filing your brief, but again I am not giving legal advice.