Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I have followed this case since last year. The attorneys who handled this case did their job very well. I have an attorney. He filed a writ on my behalf over 2 years ago and promised he had been successful getting SO’s off the registry. When i got little feedback from about my case i got info and learned how to check it on my own. I eventually realized that my case was going nowhere and he had never had a case where any Writs were granted. All of the cases including mine were waiting on the Muniz appeal. I wasted my money and received false promises. The people handling the Muniz case did the heavy lifting. There were many friend of the court briefs filed as well. These lawyers did a good job. They got the case heard and got us a good result. I will get off the registry because of this——not because i got an attorney who charged me money to file a worthless go nowhere writ that has languished in the courts for 2 years. My point is this: i agree with Chuck. Pre Sorna cases will get off after being on for their original 10 years. Don’t waste your time, money, or emotional energy on an attorney. And if you get offthe list, don’t forget the ones still on. Invest your time and money with organizations committed to changing these “Scarlet letter” laws. Dr Larry Nasser was not on the registry. Harvey Weinstein was not on the registry. We need to protect our loved ones by teaching them to report abuse when it happens so the perpetrator can be caught and not abuse others and be rehabilitated. Dr Nasser was a monster but if he had been reported by his first victim, he would not have created 155 plus more victims. And possibly he may have been rehabilitated. Sex abuse needs to be confronted, stopped and treated. Lists of former perpetrators doesn’t stop it. And it may create more. So if you are lucky enough to get off the list, i would say you have a duty to help those still on.