Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz

terry brunson

@ Chuck

It is terry – I been contacted by PAG lawyer- She wants me to enter into summary arbitration. She e mailed the PSP and made a deal that if I drop the suit I could be off the restry next week under Muniz alone automatically.

I wonder why the PAG want me to drop the suit? I need that judicial determination. I mentioned HB 1952 and she said don’t talk about things that are not in law enforcement’s hands.

She said there is a reason that HB 1952 is stuck in the Pa Senate. It may die there was her words. All are moving to the side of the PASC decision on Muniz more than waiting on some muniz fix.

HB 1952 may be going away soon. Muniz remand order will be issued from the PASC to the PAG soon. They have until 5 feb 2018 10 day after denial from SCOTUS. it could be before but no later than 10 days to issue remand order under Muniz to PSP. I think you were right Chuck. The Muniz case is the judicial determination. That is all that is needed.

I was shock to hear from the PAG- I don’t have a lawyer so I guess she called me. She said that my brief was unchangeable. She did not know how to oppose it. She says that we can enter into summary arbitration which I don’t know what that is. Why can’t I just get a order from the judge. I am not sure what she is asking. If my case is so good why not go before the judge and get an order to be precedent case to help others?

Chuck I know that you are I seem to be at odds some time, but in the end I must concede that you are right – I don’t believe that I got this call from the PAG she was so nice to me. She called my case a suit I tried to say it was mandamus I think the money part is the suit she was talking about. But one thing is sure she said she