Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


terry brunson

AWA is the main National Sex offender law. But the Federal Government has no agency to manage sex offenders. They have offered the states MONEY to come into compliance of AWA rule for sex offender registration.

Each state applies to regulation sex offenders. SORNA . Some state never bought into this SORNA stuff.

The SCOTUS don’t want to push an AWA federal thing that states have control over. Each state does the sex offender thing different.

The SCOTUS respects that. If the high state court says something is wrong with Sex offender laws – That state is the controlling power with say so in that state.

The SCOTUS has taken a hands off on certain Sex offender stuff. They did take the North Carolina facebook case. Why? I don’t know. . .

But today SORNA application retroactive is not legal in PA. and the PSP has control over that and the Muniz decision is in full effect as of 22 Jan 2018 9:30 A.M.

They are going to honor the law. They don’t want to hear about a law that is not a law yet. called HB 1952.

I was told by the Megan’s Law Section that they respect the MUNIZ decision as the law. The ML people are working long and hard to up hold the Muniz law. I was not on board until I talked to them today.

My friend Chuck on this site was right – the only judical determination needed to get off the registry is MUNIZ.

The PSP is not giving ear to no HB 1952 stuff until it is made law. And in it is Muniz helps. I been fighting it getting ready to challenge HB 1952 when it is not a law yet.

The PAG told me to chill with the fight. They want to get it right too. She was talking like she want to help muniz decision gain the right result. The PASC by 5 feb 2018 will issue remand order for PAG and PSP to remove people ASAP. And They are compling with the law as fast as they can. She did say I was top on the list to be removed. When it hapends I will tell all on this site that I am off for good. I will stay to help anyone that need my help.