Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


@ Paul
I am saying do to the vested interest doctrine the Pa General Assembly cannot overturn the Muniz Decision by writing s new law. So, when we look at the Muniz Decision, we see that anyone sentenced prior to 12/20/2012 cannot have their sentences adjusted retroactively. So this means that if you have finished your original sentence, you will be removed.
Next, we look st Commonwealth v. Neiman where we see Megans Law 3, the version in effect right before SORNA, was found to by unconditional due to the Pa General Assemvly violating the single subject rule found in Article 1 Section 1 of the Pa Constitution.

So in effect there is no registry in effect for Pre SORNA people. This is why all Pre Sorna people will be removed.

Very simple. Everything is written in plain English for everyone to understand. Just have to read the decisions in The above mentioned cases.

The only question we had left to deal with was how, if st all, HB1952 was going to affect Pre Sorna people. The Vested Interest Doctrine shows has that HB 1952 will have no affect on Pre Sorna people.
Also, PSP does not like the decisions mentioned but they will follow them.
Any other questions??