Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Found this article through a link on this website.
It says now that Muniz is final, the General Assembly cannot overturn the decision by making a new law.
There is the concrete proof Paul was looking for. 1952 cannot take away what Muniz gives us. That is why they were in a hurry to pass 1952. If they would of passed it before Muniz was finalized, then they could have changed things.

So what do they do now. If they make a new law, those sentenced after 12/29/2012 but before 1952 becomes effective won’t be able to be held under 1952. Does that mean they are going to have 2 registries? One for SORNA people and one for 1952 people?

So THERE Paul, you have the proof you need.

Patience my brothers, always wins.